‘Loud’ isn’t what it used to be

I’m home all alone, so what do I do? I put on music, of course. Not only that, but I put it on loud.

Today’s selection is The Crystal Method’s Vegas, and it seems that with my advancing age, loud isn’t what it used to be.

AudioTools tells me that the peak volume (A-weighted) I set is a mere 86.0 dB.

I guess I’ve got to grow up sometime…

6 thoughts to “‘Loud’ isn’t what it used to be”

  1. I still like my music loud. I remember listening to my son on the guitar and saying “hey, that’s rock music, turn it up for pete’s sake!” Same in the car.

      1. Are we trying to talk over it? 80db. Are we wanting to rattle dishes? 115db. I wish i had a room that didnt rattle. ‘Takes the fun outta loud.

        1. That’s so true! In my apartment, I could follow the frequencies by where the buzzing rattle was coming from. It’s much better here in the house. Now the only volume limit is imposed by who’s home and myself.

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