Zara’s idiocy

I’m a firm believer in Hanlon’s razor. It states,

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

There are times however, when someone’s behaviour is so ridiculous that I can’t imagine simple stupidity being the cause. Such is the case with clothing retailer, Zara. They sold a shirt for children that they claimed was “inspired by classical Western films.”

Once you see it however, you’ll note that it looks a lot like the striped uniforms Jews were forced to wear in concentration camps, right down to the yellow badge. The only difference I can see is the stripes on the uniforms were vertical rather than horizontal.

The point at which Zara’s behaviour exceeded the bounds of stupidity, in my opinion, was their apology. It is fairly lengthy, and says pretty much what you’d expect, up until the very last sentence:

as soon as the issue became clear, it was decided the product will be removed from shelves across the world and exterminated.

See what I mean?

From +972 via a @missmayim retweet

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I read a new word today in Joe Konrath’s blog, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. You see, he’s an independent author, and he shared some of his thoughts about the current ‘situation’ between Amazon and Hachette Book Group in an entry named Fisking Charlie Stross: More on Hachette/Amazon. I found this short and interesting paragraph in this entry:

People have a choice on where to buy books. Amazon being the biggest bookseller on the planet doesn’t make them a monopoly or monopsony. If readers demand Hachette books, Amazon has not prevented them from being sold. There are thousands of other retailers who sell Hachette titles.

My first thought was that monopsony was a typo and he surely meant monopoly. Then again, since monopoly appears two words earlier in the same sentence, joined to monopsony with the conjunction ‘or,’ it wasn’t a typo. Not of monopoly anyway.

So I went off to the dictionary!

Let me start with the word you know:

monopoly 1 Exclusive possession or control of the trade in a commodity , service , etc.; the condition of having no competitor in one’s trade or business ; Law a situation in which one supplier or producer controls more than a specified fraction of the market. m16.

And now, in a sense, the opposite:

monopsony Economics. A situation in which there is a sole or predominant consumer for a particular product. m20.

Neat, huh? The etymologies are cool, as well. Monopoly is from the Greek mono (one), and pōlein (sell) while monopsony is from the Greek mono (one) and opsōnein (buy provisions). I also find it interesting that monopoly is from the middle of the 16th century while monopsony is from the middle of the 20th century. Is that progress?

Definitions from the electronic Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

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Need insurance?

What do you look for in an insurance company? I’m sure there are many answers to that question, but if you’re looking for an insurer that will screw you over, and then go far out of their way to screw you over again when called to task, I think I know a company you might consider.

Andres Carrasco, a 76-year-old retired bus driver living in the Los Angeles area took legal action against Adriana’s Insurance. That’s bad, but it’s worse than you think. According to the Los Angeles Times:

The settlement was the result of a 2012 lawsuit in which Carrasco alleged that an employee at the company assaulted him when he tried to buy insurance, his attorney said.

See what I mean?

Photo by Antonio Gallo, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times.

AP photo by Antonio Gallo, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times.

The insurance company settled the case and owed Carrasco $21,000 by July 25. The insurance company certainly did pay. You can see Carrasco with some of the settlement on the photo to the right. Yes, the insurance company paid $21,000 in coins, including pennies. Adriana’s Insurance staff delivered 16–18 five-gallon pails filled with coins to his attorney’s office after they brought the ‘payment’ to Carrasco’s home and he refused to accept it.


It boggles my mind. Companies will certainly see customers who are absolute assholes. I’m sure it happens all the time, but customers really have no reputation to protect. They can simply go elsewhere. Companies, however, certainly do have reputations that takes years to establish and are easily damaged. You can bet this story will make its way around the Internet and people will pay attention. Those looking for new insurance certainly will, and even those who know how reticent insurers are to let go of any money have a first class example of one company that will even try to fuck you once they know they have to give you money.

No matter what this guy did, the company should not act so childish. This is doubly so when all he did was suffer an assault at the hands of one of their sales people.

Now of course we only have his side of the story, and everything I’ve said above is predicated on his story being the unvarnished truth. According to their report, the Los Angeles Times reporter contacted Adriana’s Insurance for comment, but they did not call her back. On a lark, I sent the company an e-mail message asking for their side of it. If they reply, you can read about it here.

I just can’t help but feel Adriana’s Insurance is going to get an education on what happens when you really screw over a customer and social media finds out about it.

Information and photo from The Los Angeles Times with additional info from The Telegraph. Hat tip to Boing Boing.

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I don’t know.

A woman who I follow online recently wrote:

I love it when guys at the bars try to sound smart and talk to me about physics. And then they make complete idiots out of themselves because they have no idea that I know everything coming out of their mouth is completely wrong.

Random dude: “Yeah I’m into advanced physics. Do you know what the speed of darkness is?”
Me: “c”
Him: “No it’s the speed of light.”
Me: “…”

Guys pull idiotic crap like that? And at bars?

While this is certainly a step beyond, it reminds me that I can not stand people who are incapable of admitting they are wrong, or that they don’t know something. I find this is more common with men, as if admitting that you don’t know something is somehow unmanly.

Honesty and straightforwardness is absolutely manly. If you are entirely unable to simply admit that you don’t know something, you’re not a man, you’re a child in an adult’s body. And an ass.

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The town in which I live

I’ve gone so far as to look up the difference between a city and a town, and the Wikipedia entry for City unhelpfully states, “there is no agreement on how a city is distinguished from a town within general English language meanings.”

Would a population of 83,000 make one think of a city? Perhaps, but I don’t think I live in a city. Look at today’s front page:


Aretha Franklin performed in Lewiston, New York Tuesday and she decided to stay here in town. She went to Johnny Rockets and was told that since she ordered her meal to go, she couldn’t sit in the seats provided for those who ordered an eat-in meal. Of course it’s completely silly. The restaurant is falling all over themselves to apologize, to the point where the restaurant CEO hopped aboard a plane to come and personally take care of damage control. The employee is 15 years old and she’s been on the job for just a week, so she can probably start looking elsewhere for work.

Still, this kind of stuff happens everywhere all the time. The only reason it’s news this time is it happened to a celebrity. But here, it’s front page, above the fold news because it’s the biggest news in town!

See what I mean?

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Destiny beta, complete

My progress after five days of fun.

My progress after five days of fun.

Ah, good times. The only problem is that with all good times…namely, they must come to an end. Bungie shut down the servers and they’re off to make things better for the Destiny release on September 9. I can hardly complain as they opened the beta to the Xbox players six hours early, and kept it going a day longer than planned.

So far, I’m quite pleased. I didn’t come into this pleased as it seems that the PlayStation 4 is getting all the perks and advantages. I’m sure they have their reasons, but it makes me feel like a steerage passenger, you know? Despite that, I’m feeling positive about Destiny.

It’s definitely not Halo, but its pedigree is obvious. It’s different but also comfortable. I’m hoping this impression carries over to the release version of the game.

One thing I am not impressed about is that even though the game is available for the newest generation consoles, the Xbox One and the PS 4, and the previous generation consoles, the Xbox 360 and the PS 3, but no multiplayer gaming is allowed between console generations. I wouldn’t normally care, but the two people with which I want to play are still using the Xbox 360. I’d feel silly buying a game for the 360 because I have a better console now, and I also would feel silly not playing with them because I bought the version for the Xbox One. And before you suggest it, I’ll also feel silly if I buy both! Happily, this is a very first-world problem.

So here’s to a quick arrival of September 9!

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That word ‘ever’

I was watching The National last night and one of the stories was about air safety. With the July 24 crash of Air Algerie Flight AH5017, the July 17 crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, and the March 8 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, it’s been a bad year for air safety. The story really got my attention when the reporter, Peter Armstrong, said that 2013 had the lowest number of air passenger fatalities ever. Ever! 

Even if you ignore all the years before commercial air travel, what about the early years of passenger service in which the number of fliers were so few as compared to today? He specified no start date, so were there fewer fatalities last year than in 1919 when Aircraft Transport and Travel started flying military biplanes modified to carry two passengers each between London and Paris?

It could be that last year was the safest year on record in terms of the number of fatal commercial airline crashes per people/miles flown. Wikipedia claims that the worst year by that reckoning was 1929. During that year there were 51 fatal commercial airline crashes killing a total of 61 people. Figuring in the distance, it works out to one fatal crash for every 1,000,000 miles flown. With today’s volume of air travel, an equivalent rate would mean 7,000 crashes annually! And do note that the 61 fatalities from 1929 is fewer than the 210 fatalities from 2013.

Maybe this is what Armstrong meant, but it is certainly not what he said. Come on CBC, you’re better than this.

I sent a query to the show about this. If I hear back, so will you.

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Destiny test

After a day and a quarter. Three to go.

My progress after a day and a quarter. Three to go.

Bungie’s much anticipated game, Destiny, is in the midst of a public beta. For the Xbox, it started Tuesday evening and ends on Saturday. To be a part of it, you have to pre-order the game.

So far? It’s really good. Remember that this is merely a test, so the available missions, one’s progression, and the available maps are all very limited. It’s funny because I approached this game with more than a small amount of trepidation. I’ve been looking forward to both Destiny and Titan Fall. Happily, Titan Fall had an open beta that didn’t require pre-ordering the game. Happily because, to my great surprise, I didn’t like it at all. I like multiplayer just fine, but when there are no single player missions, and the whole game is based on death match playing, it’s not a game for me. Like Titan Fall, Destiny is entirely on-line, but there are still missions, and you can complete them yourself, or co-operatively with others. There is a death match portion, but it’s entirely separate.

Like Cortana in Halo, Destiny provides you with a disembodied electronic companion. For hours, the voice sounded familiar despite it being obviously electronically manipulated. Then it hit me. It’s Peter Dinklage! As good as he is, I dearly miss Jen Taylor.

I’m stuck at level 8 because they’ve limited progress for the beta, and without progress, the appeal is somewhat diminished, but I’m looking very forward to the Destiny release on September 9.

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Nurses, MPs, and money

I had a bit of an adventure this afternoon. It started with the graphic you see below, shared on Facebook by someone I know here in town.

From a fairness point of view, all else being equal, it doesn’t leave me with a good feeling. Of course all else is not equal, but politicians lead us, and they should act like leaders. The situation as depicted in the graphic doesn’t put the politicians is a good light. And make no mistake, they control the light.

Looking purely at the numbers, it’s difficult to compare only percentages. There are 308 MPs in the Canadian House of Commons. Multiple sources on the web indicated that their 2013 salary was $160,200. An 11% increase is $17,622, bringing their salaries to $177,822, each. Multiplying the increase by number of MPs brings to total cost of their raise to $5,427,576. Turning my attention to nurses, the Ontario Nurses’ Association has a table in their FAQ that lists their 2011 and 2013 salaries based on their seniority. To keep things simple, I took a starting RN’s pay for 2013 ($58,831.50) and calculated that an 11% increase would be $6471.47. According to the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario, there were 127,611 nurses in Ontario in 2012. Multiplying the 11% increase by the number of nurses give us a minimum of $825,830,758.17. Coincidentally, the provincial government just released their budget, and the total amount the province will spend is $130.4 billion dollars. Deserving or not, it’s no surprise that the province isn’t rushing to spend more than one half of one percent of the entire budget on nurse raises. Not salaries, but only raises!

At that point I paused. I wanted some other confirmation of this 11% figure. My search took me to a Huffington Post article, “How Much Do Canadian MPs And Senators Make?” This article corroborated the $160,200 salary figure for 2013, but it claimed that their increase was 2.2% meaning their current salary is $163,700. What’s going on here? I looked at the graphic again and things started to fall into place. Notice how close the MPs are? That’s because they’re sitting on a bench seat. In Canada, MPs have chairs, while in the U.K., MPs sit on long leather-upholstered benches.

The graphic is telling us the situation in the U.K. and has nothing at all to do with Canada. So if Canadian MPs received a 2.2% salary increase this year, how did Ontario nurses do? The best information I could find was the FAQ from the Ontario Nurses’ Association. It’s already a year out of date, and it compares nurse salaries from 2011 and 2013. Still, it’s the best info I have so it’ll have to do. Here’s the table:


I ran the numbers and the increase between 2011 and 2013 ranges from 2.736% to 2.764%. The thing is, the starting salary for example, increases from $57,252 to $58,831.50, which is 2.758%. But if a nurse starts at $57,252 in 2011, by the time 2013 rolls around, she’ll have risen to the 2 year 2013 salary amount, which is $60,684. That’s a two-year increase of 5.995%. Because of this, the two-year increases vary between 2.758% for those nurses with between 10 and 24 years of experience in 2013, and 15.686% for nurses with 8 years of experience in 2013.

Are Ontario nurses being treated as shabbily as the graphic would have us believe? I don’t know because the Ontario Nurses’ Association hasn’t updated their FAQ. Comparing MP salary increase this year and nurses salaries between 2011 and 2013, some nurses are doing a little worse than MPs, some nurses are doing better, and a small number of nurses are doing much better. Looking back at MP increases, the nurses did far better. Last year the MP salary increase was 1.6 %. In each of the three years before that, the MPs received no increase at all.

Where does this leave us? It leaves me understanding that one must sometime dig a little when presented with information.

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Antenna adventure

20140712-101555 5D3 4M6C2822.CR2: 5D Mk.III, EF 70-200mm 1:4L IS @ 70mm, 1/640, f/4, 100 ISO

My antennas, Mk. IV

I’m finally moving toward free television, again. The setup you see here is the fourth configuration I’ve tried here, and it’s still not right. Over-the-air television reception seems more art than science, with a generous dose of trial and error.

Previous to what you see here, things were dead-simple. I had a single antenna, which is the bottom one in the photo. It’s pointed directly at the Toronto transmitters, which are 68 kilometres away. I also want to receive the Buffalo stations, but those vary between 14 and 62 kilometres distant. Because most of them are very close, I was hoping to receive them despite the antennas not being aimed at them. In fact, they’re located between 120º and 150º off axis. The results vindicated my plan. The signals were easily strong enough, but the strength wasn’t the problem. I believe there was a multipath issue because without exception, the Buffalo stations were strong, but suffered a signal drop off every few seconds.

What you see here is my answer to this problem. The big antenna is taking care of Toronto, and a smaller antenna attends to Buffalo. It was a good idea, but it brought another problem. The second antenna made short work of the Buffalo stations, resulting in a signal strength and stability I’ve never seen before. The problem is that the smaller antenna receives enough of the Toronto signals to interfere with those signals from the other antenna. I believe it’s a phasing issue in which one signal subtracts from the other, resulting in a far weaker signal. I believe that there are two significant causes. One is that I combined the signals from both antennas and brought them into the house on the same cable. This allows them to interact with each other, in either good or bad ways. The other is that the antennas are different. When combining signals, the general rule is the antennas should be the same.

There are two remedies I can try. I can replace the big antenna with a twin of the smaller one. This could clear up the problem but I really doubt it will. My reasoning is that the big antenna, a ChannelMaster 4228, is simply a melding of two of the smaller antenna, a ChannelMaster 4221, side-by-side. The other option is to separate the signals. If I bring in the signals from each antenna on a separate cable, the signals can’t interfere with each other. I know the Toronto signals can come in just fine, because they did before I added the second antenna. I already have the cable, but I do need another signal pre-amplifier. The Toronto signals are weak to begin with, and tuner is at the other end of a 20 metre co-ax cable. A pre-amp is required to the tune of another $70.

I started pursuing over-the-air reception when I lived in Ottawa because of my absolute loathing of cable television and the companies that offer it. The loathing is still there, but I’m even more eager now because of the plethora of available stations around here. This is what I can expect to get when I’ve got everything just so:

2.1 – NBC, Buffalo
2.2 – Weather Nation
2.3 – Retro TV
4.1 – CBS, Buffalo
5.1 – CBC, Toronto
7.1 – ABC, Buffalo
9.1 – CTV, Toronto
11.1 – CHCH, Hamilton
17.1 – PBS HD, Buffalo
17.2 – PBS Think Bright
19.1 – TV Ontario
23.1 – CW Network
23.2 – Bounce TV
25.1 – CBC French, Toronto
26.1 – Trinity Broadcast, Jamestown
26.2 – Trinity Broadcast, Jamestown
26.3 – Trinity Broadcast, Jamestown
29.1 – FOX, Buffalo
29.2 – ZUUS Country Music Videos
35.1 – CTV Two, Hamilton
36.1 – CTS, Hamilton
40.1 – OMNI 2, Toronto
41.1 – Global HD, Toronto
47.1 – OMNI 1, Toronto
49.1 – The WB
51.1 – ION, Batavia
51.2 – QUBO Kids, Batavia
51.3 – ION Lifestyle, Batavia
51.4 – ISHOP Network
51.5 – QVC Televised Shopping
51.6 – Home Shopping Network
57.1 – CITY TV, Toronto
67.1 – ME TV
67.2 – THIS TV
67.3 – ME TV
67.4 – Daystar TV, Religion

Frankly, much of that lineup is of little interest to me. The shopping, kids, weather, religion, French, and country music stations will likely not make it to my final line up. Still, all the major networks are there, and the monthly costs are exactly $0. To me, the loss of the cable speciality channels more than makes up for not having to pay the monthly fee for cable.

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