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Poor pianist

Poor Valentina Lisitsa. She feels that she’s been wronged! She’s also old enough to know better.

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Judge the cover?

Diana Krall’s got a new album coming out. You’d think the music would be more discussion-worthy than the album cover.

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Best. Cake. Ever!

No other description is required.

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Inventions and sinfonias

Give it a listen.

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A funny thing happened in 1977

It started with a movie.

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Bell in the metro

A flawed but interesting experiment.

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Here puff!

Television collides with my past!

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Planet arty

Welcome to where everything is subsidized and you’re entitled, damn it!

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Photo: More than meets the eye.

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Coin of the realm

The Royal Mint is revising the design on the English coins. The new ones are really nice.

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