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Santa’s da man!

Another year, another fine gift from the big man in red.

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Lindsey Buckingham

She’s a he!

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Jack Layton


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Chance meeting

A brush with Bieber.

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Flying finish

Novelist and former jockey, Dick Francis died this week.

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Short shorts

Why is it that the smallest articles of clothing, those that use the least material, are often the most expensive?

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We are the unimaginative

We are the ones who make a brighter day so let’s record an old song again because it’s been 25 years and maybe people have forgotten about it so we won’t have to write a new one.

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Eldrick Tont Woods

My take on the Tiger scandal.

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Madonna, Madonna, Madonna…

She’s seen news reports? Well, she must be an expert!

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Sauce for the goose

Julie’s nefarious plan…

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