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Rabies and the Leafs


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Running: ten weeks later

My running clinic is complete. How did I do now that ten weeks have passed? You’ll have to read the post to find out!

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Run, again

It didn’t work out in February, but there’s certainly more than one way to skin a cat. I’m now trying another.

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Am I going off Coke?

It’s up to Coca-Cola themselves, but if the can liners still contain bisphenol A, I won’t be very impressed. If they try to beguile me with marketing talk, I’m certainly gone.

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I’m running again. Twice lucky? I’ll tell you in April!

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Maybe tinfoil hats?

Now it’s Wi-Fi signals that are making people sick?!

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Sick of … sickness

Two weeks of misery.

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The cake and the eating

Mom and dad? I’m going to move out…but I’m going to bring my laundry home for you to wash, okay?

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Closing ranks

Remember to get yourself a second opinion.

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IVF coverage?

Should the government pay for fertility treatments as part of health-care coverage?

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