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The SCoC, and then more

The Supreme Court of Canada hands the government their own asses, gutting Bills C-13 and S-4, but they seem intent on ignoring their lack of legs to stand on.

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Connected hot tub

It makes no sense to me. None.

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Don’t spy on me

I told the minister in charge of the Communications Security Establishment to stop spying on us. He didn’t understand my point.

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These are the droids I’m looking for

From banned leggings to droid bathing suits…the Internet is a place of discovery.

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So what am I doing here?

How fast an affordable Internet connection is depends on where you are.

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Religion and the Internet

Musings on the New York Times article, “Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally to Discuss Risks of Internet.”

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Expansion project

I’ve upgraded my Internet service, and I’m pleased.

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After ten years of trying, .XXX goes online today.

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Oh the spam

It annoys me.

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There’s a story behind the videos.

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