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No snake-oil here.

If I don’t use $7500 cables, what cables do I use?

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Synergistic [super-secret!] Research

A lack of critical thinking is not only a bad thing, but it can cost you a lot of money!

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Twitter, saying it doesn’t make it okay

Twitter is looking at what you’ve got on your phone, and that is not cool.

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Zara’s idiocy

I don’t think Hanlon’s razor covers this case.

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More stupid from Bell

They wouldn’t know even passable service if it bit them in the ass.

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Canadian Tire wrap-up

I didn’t think they’d reply, but they did.

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Don’t mess with physics!

Hyundai wants you to believe that they challenge physics. Even the thought is ridiculous.

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What are you thinking, Canadian Tire?

Are you there to sell me the stuff in the store, or to pitch credit cards?

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Savvy marketing by Bell

I’m impressed with Bell’s ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign.

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Aren’t we past this?

Pink is for girls. Everyone knows it, right?

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