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Technical documentation, Microsoft-style

Say what?!

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I don’t need a new PC, thanks

Microsoft thinks home invasion makes for a clever and endearing ad campaign.

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We know you don’t want spam, but…

…we’re going to send spam to remind you that you said you don’t want it. You know… in case you really do, and forgot.

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Microsoft: fail

Crawlers and robots and DDoS, oh my!

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Windows 7

Windows 7, my impression of RC1.

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…but don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

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Microsoft doesn’t want to talk to you

Playing hard to get doesn’t work in the business world.

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Intel says no to Vista.

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Farewell, Windows XP

Retail and OEM sales of the operating system will end in two months. I know why.

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Killing the golden goose

“A work in progress” indeed.

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