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Crank up the reality distortion field!

There’s an election coming in Québec. Vote for the PQ and once they separate from Canada, everyone gets unicorns!

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Don’t spy on me

I told the minister in charge of the Communications Security Establishment to stop spying on us. He didn’t understand my point.

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The dirty Trans-Pacific Partnership secret

Rather than pre-judging, I leave room for people to disappoint me. The Harper government has embraced disappointment with gusto.

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Make history or be history?

Mistaking the historic with the historical.

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Passive politicians

The passive voice: mistakes were made.

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Disaster, part 3

Are politicians truly getting worse over time, or does it seem that way because I read more news?

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Thoughts about political telemarketing

Further reflection reveals the @JoyceMorocco1 @OntLiberal campaign is a bigger disaster than it first seemed, with a bonus violation of CRTC rules.

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And then the phone rang

Another politician tries to avoid responsibility…and furthermore, by proxy! So typical. Terrible #Fail, @JoyceMorocco1

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A letter to my MP regarding bill C-13

The government wants to allow the police to be able to ask organizations for any information about you for any reason, and they want to protect those organizations who provide the requested information. So who does the government represent? It’s not me and it’s not you.

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Can it get worse?

I used to think that Rob Ford would have to kill someone to lose his faithful. Now I’m not sure even that would be enough.

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