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The mayor remains mum

Council decides to dispense with prayer entirely, and with no fuss, to my great surprise.

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My letter to the mayor

I picked up the paper to deliver it to the recycling bin. I glanced at the headline story and immediately started composing this letter in my head.

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Poor pianist

Poor Valentina Lisitsa. She feels that she’s been wronged! She’s also old enough to know better.

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Flip-flopping politicians

It’s funny how politicians’ concern for their constituents disappear when they take power, isn’t it? And by ‘funny,’ I mean not funny at all.

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Welcome to the sidelines

My MP is going to clean up this annoying ISIL situation! He’s mum on how, though.

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A hell of a good question…

…for the racist conspiracy theorists.

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Silly Thomas

Thomas Mulcair is chasing the sound bite, not realizing (or not caring) that his proposal makes no sense.

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No one’s at the helm!

What happens when your MP takes responsibility for a ministerial portfolio? Based on my experience, the minister’s riding must fend for itself without representation.

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New Copyright Exception for Political Advertising

Federal Conservatives want legal permission to do something, and they don’t want you to have the same permission. But it feels as if there’s more to it, somehow.

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Politicians and their idiotic ways

Joyce is back! This time for city council. And she’s already called! It’s just like old times.

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