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Once the voting’s done, nobody’s home

My MP seems too busy to field simple questions from his constituents.

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Nurses, MPs, and money

Are nurses getting ripped off while MPs shower themselves with salary increases?

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The Greens are off my list.

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Politicians…they’re consistent

Another election and again there’s no one for which to vote. Only a bunch of jokers to vote against.

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Crank up the reality distortion field!

There’s an election coming in Québec. Vote for the PQ and once they separate from Canada, everyone gets unicorns!

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Don’t spy on me

I told the minister in charge of the Communications Security Establishment to stop spying on us. He didn’t understand my point.

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The dirty Trans-Pacific Partnership secret

Rather than pre-judging, I leave room for people to disappoint me. The Harper government has embraced disappointment with gusto.

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Make history or be history?

Mistaking the historic with the historical.

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Passive politicians

The passive voice: mistakes were made.

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Disaster, part 3

Are politicians truly getting worse over time, or does it seem that way because I read more news?

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