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Big Bang baloney

You expect me to believe that?! It would never happen.

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Advertising ethics

Don Draper’s Why I’m quitting Tobacco and Bob Levenson’s Do This or Die.

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I don’t miss you, Rogers

Rogers is still sending me junk mail claiming that they miss me.

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My unusual television proclivities

I thought I was a reasonably average television watcher. Now I know better.

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Chocolate freedom

My November ritual: Band of Brothers.

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Thinking of by-gone days is certainly not a modern invention.

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A/V revamp

Dig the fancy flowchart!

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Good and bad

It looks like fee-for-carriage is coming, and your cable/satellite bill will be going up.

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More cable/content conflict

Broadcast unrest isn’t limited to Canada.

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High def? Yes, but…

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