Goodness gracious, I’m the busy Range Rover. I just hope I don’t have as much gas as those things use!

I’ve read that a runner burns about 2600 calories running a marathon. That itself is pretty amazing as that’s about what the average person burns in an entire day! But then take a regular hummingbird. Over the same length of time the marathon runner uses 2600 calories, the hummingbird will use 14,000 calories going about their normal activities!

There’s a Walmart commercial in current circulation that’s trying to bring in the younger crowd. It starts with a teen saying something like, “Being a teenager is one step closer to total freedom.” Little does he know that being a teen is the most free time we have. Sure you can do more as an adult, but the added responsibilities seem to make sure that doesn’t happen. The kicker is that I understand what the teen is saying as I thought exactly the same thing at that age.

This is part of the sign of a restaurant near where I work. I’ve left out the name of the place because they might not appreciate what I’m about to ask. Is it just me or does the stem of the peach look like a bent-up penis?

It makes me a little uncomfortable.

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