The Pennsylvania town of Hazleton has enacted some of the toughest legislation in the United States to deal with illegal immigrants. A landlord renting to illegal immigrants can face a $1000 fine and businesses employing them may lose their operating licenses, according to a BBC story.

As you’d expect, there are those who disagree. One such person suggested that adopting these laws would make Hazleton “the first Nazi city in the country.”

Imagine you’re the getaway driver for a bank robber. If you’re caught, you are charged with more than speeding. You’re an accessory even though you sat in the car. If the bank robber kills someone, you’re an accessory to murder. It doesn’t seem completely unreasonable that knowingly aiding someone in their illegal activities should itself carry a penalty under the law.

I’m guessing the type of society the ‘Nazi-accuser’ desires would quickly collapse under its own weight. It would probably be lovely, but it also has to work in the real world. You cannot give away more than you have … which is why I do not side with those who desire amnesty for illegal immigrants.