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Bye-bye baconator

I think I may have had my last baconator. What’s a baconator, you ask? It’s a work of tasty art in hamburger-form, available at Wendy’s. Basically it’s a double-burger with cheese and six (count ’em, six) strips of bacon. It’s almost a triple, with the third patty being made of bacon. The damned thing is very tasty. The reasons I’m off it are two-fold.

First, when I went to Wendy’s to buy one this evening, the service was a disaster of almost comedic proportion. Basically, the one guy was cashing out and desperately trying to get any one of his co-workers’ attention to help me out. In the meantime, he steadfastly refused to look at me or in any way acknowledge my presence. He was having such difficulty in getting the attention of his co-workers because they (a male and a female) appeared to be “playing” in the way high-school teens do. The girl playfully taunted the guy until he began chasing after her. Suffice to say that there was much giggling from the back of the restaurant.

After some fifteen or twenty seconds of standing invisibly at the counter, I left and went to the Harvey’s across the street. Two hours later I dropped into my local post box a letter to the manager of the Wendy’s detailing my experience. Not only is it cathartic, but if I were the manager, I certainly would want to know.

The second reason is my visit to the Wendy’s website to find the restaurant address. While there I was curious about exactly how bad for me the baconator actually is. I should never have looked. The combo, with large fries and a regular Coke, delivers 1460 calories, 74 grams of fat, and 2270 milligrams of sodium. Frig. I feel ill just thinking about it.

Ignorance truly is bliss, but bliss is dangerous.


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  1. Seriously, it did not occur to you how disgusting that Wendy’s sandwich really is, as far as calories and fat content?

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