At least it's not rat milk…

Ah Facebook. It’s like a distillation of all the weirdness on the Internet. Why? Because all your friends bring the weirdness there. Take this status, for example:

Lori is laughing at the notion of ice-cream H-Milk.

What’s that mean? I have no idea!

Later, I look at her profile and all is made clear — if even weirder — by a Yahoo News article titled “PETA’s latest campaign is to make ice cream from human breast milk.” I know it sounds like something from The Onion, but it’s not. PETA has posted their press release on their site.

The wing-nuts at PETA have suggested to Ben & Jerry’s that they release an ice cream made from human breast-milk. How is this wrong? Let me count the ways…

  • It reeks of a publicity stunt.
  • If I cared for PETA in the least, I’d be pissed that they’re flushing their own reputation down the toilet. Since I don’t care, I’d offer to work the handle if it weren’t too late.
  • Typical wing-nut liberals…so willing to tell other people what to do. Maybe Ben & Jerry’s is so successful because they already know how to run their own business. Imagine.
  • Maybe all the animals are now safe and treated ethically so PETA has nothing to do but issue ridiculous press-releases. Surely they wouldn’t jerk around with crap like this if there were real work to do, would they?
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