I was in the convenience store the other day. I noticed a bag of chips I hadn’t seen before. The brand is Blair’s Death Rain, and it’s billed as America’s Favourite Spicy Chip. Blair’s Death Rain!

I occasionally enjoy Miss Vickie’s jalapeno chips. I like spicy food though I do not have much of a tolerance for it. As much as I like the jalapeno chips, I have to take a ten minute break after eating eight or ten chips.

So you might think buffalo wing flavoured Death Rain might not be the best choice for me. It turns out you’d be correct. I can eat these chips, and they are good, but I can eat them only one at a time. I mean that after eating one, I need to then take a break and let the heat subside. Interestingly, the company’s site extremefood.com, rates the chip’s spiciness as medium. I think I’m out of my depth.

But they are good!

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