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Note to self…


Don’t futz with the mechanics of your website from work when you don’t have your SFTP log-in credentials.

Don’t be tempted to make one little change to a WordPress theme when you can’t replace the file you’re editing because you don’t have the above-mentioned credentials.

While that’s bad enough, certainly don’t make that change when you aren’t going home after work, where home is the only place you can easily repair the damage. Even though a quick bite to eat doesn’t take long, you look like a damned fool when any attempt to access your site returns a PHP error for hours on end.

When you do finally get home, don’t let yourself forget of the error because it’s so embarrassing … because it’s much more embarrassing when you realize, after you’ve been home for three hours, that you haven’t yet implemented the three-minute fix.

Get it? Got it! Good.

On the bright side, all the archives and category listings are now tucked away on a separate page accessible from the menu bar below the site title. Every other page will now load faster without all that baggage.

It’s progress because I’ve wanted to make this change for six months, and finally figured out how now. Yes, it’s a “two steps forward, one step back” kind of progress, but I’m okay with this.


You want to annoy me?


Do I doodle?


  1. Lori

    Help! I’m trapped in archives!

  2. Rick

    Oh, look at that, there’s no Home button.

    As you mentioned, clicking the title works, but it’s not exactly intuitive. I need to find out how to add a button to get you back.

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