Not enough French in Vancouver?

According to the CBC, Federal Heritage Minister James Moore had something to say about the Olympic opening ceremonies:

I thought the opening ceremonies were brilliant, beautiful, spectacular on television — but there should have been more French, period, full stop.

I was very surprised to read this. While I didn’t see the entire presentation, every part I did see had the announcements first in French and then in English. In fact, the only part that wasn’t in French were the brief speeches made by the aboriginal representatives, though they closed out their speeches by welcoming the visitors with a friendly “Bienvenue!”

I won’t speculate on why Moore ends his sentences with two periods.

Graham Fraser, commissioner of official languages, went further in his complaint about the lack of French:

What I saw at the opening ceremonies was a concert which had been conceived, developed, and presented in English, with a French song.

This leaves me wondering if we saw the same presentation. The announcements that went over the PA system at the event were in both French and English.

The Québec Premier, Jean Charest, was totally on board with this, according to the Vancouver Sun. He said:

everybody would have liked to have had more French in the opening ceremony

The amusing, and unsurprising part, is that when the Sun tried to contact Charest for further comment, they were told that the premier was not doing interviews.

It seems that people are complaining about the lack of French, yet I haven’t been able to find any specifics about what was so wrong. What I saw of the opening ceremony makes me wonder what they’re talking about, and they have nothing to offer that might clarify. I’ve asked around and no one I know remembers any lack of French.

I suppose being vague makes it far easier to complain.

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