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It’s not often that I see gear that I think of as pretty. It’s often sleek, modern, sexy, cool, or even understated, but very seldom pretty.

Have a look at the Audio Power Labs 833TNT power amplifier:


If you like it, you’d better like its looks because it’s a mono power amplifier. You’ll be getting two if you like your music in stereo. Conveniently, they’re priced in pairs as well. Two can be yours for $170,000.

It’ll generate 200 Watts, and the audio path is entirely free of solid-state circuitry. There certainly are solid-state circuits in the power supply and other parts of the amplifier, but none are involved in the sound. For that, you have three pairs of tubes doing most of the work, including two soda-can-sized 833C graphite plate power triodes, that give a lovely glow to your darkened music room. Tubes don’t last forever so you will have to replace them eventually, but Stereophile calls them reasonably cheap at just $175 each. I suppose that’s a pittance compared to the amplifier’s price.

You’ll need an electrician as each draws a nominal 13 amps. While you’re having the tradespeople in, get a carpenter as well because they weigh 73 kg (160 lbs) each, so a stand from Ikea isn’t going to suffice.

Once you pay for them, bring them home, connect them, and turn them on,


and you’ll see that they sure are pretty.

I just hope they sound good!

Photos by Audio Power Labs (top) and Art Dudley (bottom).


I don’t need a new PC, thanks




  1. These amplifiers are truly awesome. We used them in our exhibit at T.H.E. Show Las Vegas 2012. They are exceedingly well engineered, stable and sound great. They do generate a lot of heat and you will need dedicated circuits for each monoblock.

    • Clyde

      Thank you Joe,

      It was my pleasure meeting you and your staff at THE Show.

      I am glad that you enjoyed our amplifiers.

      Your system sounded very nice and pleasing to my ears

      on the last day when I was able to visit your room and listen

      for awhile. Thank you for your comments here on our 833’s.


      Audio Power Labs

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