So this is it. Tomorrow’s my first day at my new job. On Friday I mentioned to Jessica that since I was between jobs this weekend, I was in a sense unemployed. She quickly answered, “Yea, until your shift at the theatre starts tomorrow morning.” Of course she’s right. It’s funny, but when anyone asks me what I do, never remember to mention being a projectionist. It’s not exactly being a rock star, but it does make for a real conversation starter.

My last day on Friday was really nice. We’d all gone to lunch Thursday, but Friday was different somehow. It’s the saying goodbye I really don’t like. I’m the first to admit I’ve grown a bit attached to some of my co-workers over the months I’ve spent with them. Given that we’ve spent months of eight-hour days together, it’s likely at least some of us would get along well, and I think I got along with most of them better than I would’ve expected. What makes this particularly surprising to me is the spread of ages. Three of my former co-workers are from ten to fifteen years older than me, while the other five are fourteen to eighteen years younger than me. And this doesn’t include the part-time students who are twenty-two to twenty-four years younger. But still, our working relationships were remarkably smooth, over all. I’ll miss them, but I’ve already promised to return for lunch and I also gathered a bunch of their e‑mail addresses so we can keep in touch.