President Bush has himself in hot water again. To safeguard the United States, he authorized a program designed to spy on some American citizens. The law dictates that this kind of thing requires a court order, but the president’s program short-circuited the proper procedure without obtaining permission to do so. According to the CBC, Bush said, “This is a limited program designed to prevent attacks on the United States of America and, I repeat, limited.” It’s a shame he didn’t limit the program to what’s legal. I repeat, legal.

Oingo Boingo’s Dark at the End of the Tunnel is one of the finest pop records of all time. Just so you know.

I heard a Liberal party campaign radio ad on my way home from work last week and am very disappointed at how far toward flat-out lying they twist their words. The ad said, “One leader has erased Canada’s deficit of $42 billion.” Some leader might have done this, but there are two reasons it wasn’t Paul Martin. According to StatCan, the debt certainly has dropped. The problem is the ad makes it sound like the entire debt was $42 billion and it’s now paid off. Don’t I wish! As of last year, Canada’s Federal debt was nearly $629 billion dollars! The other problem is the debt has dropped by $20 billion when you compare what we owed in 2000 with what we owe today. If we’ve paid off $20 billion over the last five years, where does Martin’s less-than-two-year-old government get this $42 billion figure? What I think is he’s taking credit for the Liberal’s twelve years in office, which makes the ad factually incorrect (read: a lie). And yes, I realise he was finance minister, but the ad states he paid the debt as leader. Bullshit.

Even worse for the Liberals is their slide in the polls has lent them an air of desperation. Today they’ve started a new series of attack ads targeting Harper and the Conservatives. Disappointing, especially since Martin spoke how personal attacks were counter-productive at the start of yesterday’s debate.