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I had an idle moment Saturday morning so I had a look at the television listings to see if there was anything worth recording Saturday evening. I noticed the Live Earth concert had started so I let it serve as the background sound while I perused the listings. It was quite entertaining, though not in the way they intended.

First, the Black Eyed Peas. They were being interviewed about what they were doing for the environment. One of them was eager to say he’d sold his Hummer. I gather he’s pleased with reducing his consumption from unimaginable excess to mere extravagant excess.

Second, a CTV host was talking to someone I didn’t recognize who said he was doing his part by using bed sheets made of bamboo. Did I miss the news report about how cotton is now an environmental hazard?

Third, the same CTV host also explained that helping out is easy. She explained that if we each turned off a single light, we’d save over $75 million dollars in energy costs nationally. I’m assuming this is annually, for a light that is on 24 hours a day. While I do understand the idea, the example is awkward at best. Lord help us all if there are many people out there who can find 24 ‘bulb-hours’ they can easily do without each day.

All of this at a number of monstrous concerts all around the world to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. But how do they think all the people and equipment get to these concerts?

I changed the channel a few minutes later. The last thing I’m interested in is being preached at by self-important celebrities who are the cause of far more carbon-dioxide emissions than I could dream of causing myself. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if they had a clue, but lord help us, I don’t think they have one between them. It just makes everyone feel good about themselves while precious little is really done.

Still, even from the worst situation, one must strive to pull something useful from the wreckage. In this case, it’s the reaction of an old friend of mine. According to the CBC:

Anti-poverty activist Bob Geldof has been among those who called the series “just an enormous pop concert” and criticized the movement for lacking achievable goals.

If his enormous Live Aid/Live 8 pop concerts had a stated and achievable goal, he must have neglected to mention it. Don’t you just love the big eight-year-old?


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  1. Shawn

    How the hell is selling your Hummer a way of saving the environment. Did he not realize someone else is now driving it. DUH!!!! If you want to do something positive, recycle the 8000 lbs. of steel!!!

    All celebrities talk real good. Few actually do. Find a different spokesperson, one I will believe and trust.

  2. _Don

    Yes, like Julia Roberts who is doing her part for the environment by reusing grocery bags. Good one Jules. You may be driving…sorry…your assistant may be driving the SUV to get your food (while you drive yours to do other stuff), but at least they are using recycled plastic bags. I wish I could be as pro-active.

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