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Speaking of questionable green motives, my Visa statements have suggested for some time that I sign up for electronic billing. They tell me it’s so damned convenient, so I ought to make the switch. Lately they’ve started on the green angle, telling me I’d be saving the environment too.

I haven’t taken them up on their offer. Why? Because it’s got nothing to do with my convenience or being green. The fact is, they’ll save a whack of money if they don’t have to print and mail invoices. I noticed no mention of passing any of those savings along to me so I’m more than happy to continue to receive printed statements, thank you very much.

The suggestion that I ‘get green’ with electronic statements is particularly ridiculous. The last statement I received was four pages long. The first page was the entirety of my statement. The second and third pages were full of ads. The last page was four Visa cheques I never asked for. Indeed, I don’t want these cheques because I’m concerned that they may be intercepted in the mail.

They want me to get green even though they’re sending me four times the number of pages they really need to? Give me a break, okay? And in the mean time, keep mailing me those statements.




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  1. Shawn

    Rogers offered me the same crap about electronic billing. I asked if they would give me a discount since it saves them a crap load of money and was told NO! then they said that if I signed up and still wanted a printed copy, i could still print one out myself. I asked how that saves me money… silence on the phone. Even if they offered a discount, you know damn well they will raise their rates to cover it down the road.

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