This is certainly a story you won’t see on any Canadian paper’s front page! Earlier this month, a man armed with body armour, at least three guns, and plenty of ammunition entered the New Life Church campus in Colorado Springs. He killed two and injured others before a volunteer security guard prevented him from doing any more damage.

Larry Bourbonnais, a Vietnam veteran who is no stranger to combat, recalled the actions of the volunteer, Jeanne Assam:

She just started walking toward the gunman firing the whole way. She was just yelling ‘Surrender,’ walking and shooting…”

While it is true Jeanne Assam served as a police officer in the 1990s, such calm is unusual when one is under this kind of pressure. Bourbonnais asked Assam how she stayed so calm and focussed. She said,

I was asking the Holy Spirit to guide me the entire time.

This is another one of those cases where most run away from trouble while a few run toward it. Thank goodness for them.