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Changes aren’t permanent, but change is

I started writing Seeking the Alien Shore just four days shy of eight years ago and the ‘look’ of the site has only changed slightly since. Until now, that is. Witness Seeking Another Alien Shore.

I’ve set up WordPress to handle the back-end of this site. Not only does this make my day-to-day posting far simpler, changes to the site itself are easier (once I figure out how it all works!). It’s a bit of a leap into the unknown for me so I’ve been hesitant. I’ve been waffling for some four days now. You’d think that my posting to this new site over the last few days would have been a good indication that it’s the way I wanted to go … but sometimes we’re the last to see the obvious. You know, forest for the trees, and all that.

So I’ve decided to just make the leap. If it goes badly, whether for technical reasons or because I just don’t like it, I’ll switch back. Simple as that.

Those of your subscribed to the e‑mail notify list will not need to do anything. The only difference you’ll notice is more notifications because I will be able to post the topics as I write them. Don’t expect to be flooded with mail, as a maximum of one message will be sent each day, no matter how many topics I post.

Those of you subscribed via the RSS feed should also need to do nothing. I’ve set up a redirect so your software should not know anything has changed. Here’s hoping!

In the meantime, Seeking the Alien Shore will continue to live where it has been for the last eight years. Since it’s written in plain old static HTML and XHTML, there’s no easy way to bring it into WordPress. I won’t even try. There’s no reason it can’t stay exactly as it is.

If you have any thoughts or notice anything awry, please let me know. Leave a comment or click my name in the page footer to write an e‑mail message.


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  1. Rachel

    Wow! 8 years for both of us though I am not at the same site anymore. I still have all my old entries saved. It is so strange to see your site like this. I will give you my feedback once I get over the “wow this is strange” feeling.

  2. Brett

    The text over white and lack of photo’ has me hoping this is still part of a learning/build curve and not a limitation of the method. (?)

    I did really like the ‘look’ of the previous setup. Congrats on 8 years, Rick!

  3. Scott

    I applaud your commitment for the last 8 years to this site Rick. It has been interesting keeping in touch with you in this manner.

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