From the “I bought crystal meth, took it, and overdosed, so I’m suing my dealer because it’s obviously his fault” department, meet 23-year-old Sandra Bergen from Saskatchewan. She sued her drug dealer for providing her with crystal meth. He wasn’t holding a gun to her head, but she claims “He should have to meet me half way and that’s what this lawsuit was about.” What’s her side of the ‘half way’ she mentions? According to the article, “Bergen maintains she has taken responsibility for her poor choices by getting sober.”

In my book, what you do to make sure a bad thing doesn’t happen again is simply ‘reacting.’ Taking responsibility is admitting what you did and making amends for any damage you’ve caused. Since all of the physical damage was to Bergen herself, she need not take action. Any emotional trauma suffered by her family is a direct result of her actions so how she takes responsibility for this is a personal matter between her and her family.

The drug dealer is certainly guilty of an illegal act. At the same time however, he didn’t force her to take the drug. It was her choice and her responsibility.

The unfortunate result of this suit is a default judgment for Bergen because the defendant refused to name his supplier. Even more unfortunate is another indication by society that one is not responsible for one’s own decisions, and certainly not for the consequences of those decisions.