Upon my return from home this evening, I stopped in my building’s lobby to pick up my mail, as is my habit. Since I left my “stop the junk mail” letter for the letter carrier just this morning, I expected nothing out of the ordinary. I did joke with Kym about perhaps finding my letter returned to me with “you’re not getting away that easily, you bastard” written on it, but I would’ve given the possibility long odds.

Besides the DVD from Zip.ca and the parcel notice, I found a red dot sticker attached to the floor of my mail slot. Given the typical speed of a bureaucracy the size of Canada Post, this speedy action had me wanting to do my best Colin Clive impression, yelling “It’s Alive!” right there in the lobby. You’ll be glad to hear that I managed to contain myself. I suspect the result might not be so immediate if you live in a house and have mail delivered to your door. It seems simpler when the letter carrier drives here and fills 150 mailboxes in a nice warm lobby.

Regardless, I’m pleased. I’m also still wondering if it will actually work.