In the early morning hours of February 1, I decided the one month anniversary of my abstinence from Coke deserved a treat. I had a can of Coke. Despite how ridiculous it sounds, this turned out to be a far better idea than I could’ve imagined. Why? Because it wasn’t all that good. I’ve heard many people who are used to diet drinks say the non-diet drinks are simply too sweet. This was not the case for me. It just didn’t taste the way I remember. It was fine, but just not exceptional. Could it be that my taste has been weened off the flavour? I don’t know the reason but drinking that one can pretty much ended any cravings I’ve been having for the drink. I can easily see my not ever being lured back to the sweet elixir.

On the down side, I haven’t really lost any more weight. It seems the lack of calorie-packed Coke isn’t satisfied by an equivalent amount diet drink or water. As a consequence, I’ve been eating more. While this is a good thing because the empty calories have been replaced with calories along with at least some nutrition, I was hoping to see some more weight loss. I also expect that my fat intake has gone up as well.

Schweppes diet ginger ale is plenty good, but I’m not content to replace my former Coke intake with it. I could cite the questionable effects of these artificial sweeteners, but it’s mostly about the money for me. Last week, I spent $10 on diet Schweppes. That’s $520 a year for something I really don’t need. A water diet is quite bland so I don’t expect to entirely forgo the fizzy drinks. Who knows though, maybe I’ll have another resolution come next new year.