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Snakes and Arrows, show three

At 7:30 p.m. on June 12, 2008, the lights will fade in Montreal’s Bell Centre, and Rush will take the stage to entertain those lucky enough to be there. I’ll be there, baby!

Don, Gord, and I got pre-sale tickets yesterday, but only barely. The tickets were available only online, and there was little information on the purchase process before the tickets went on sale. I didn’t have a log-in because I had no idea tickets would only be available online. I had to waste precious time entering the information required to get an account. Then, part of the purchase process involved proving I am human by my entering the warped letters displayed in a small bitmap. That’s fine, but it wouldn’t accept what I entered. It was correct, I swear! By the time I finally got in, all the tickets alloted for pre-sale were sold and I had nothing to show for my efforts.

Happily, Don was also trying to get tickets, and with far greater success. He’d signed up previously and had the required login. The system accepted also accepted his proof of being human. He had the tickets long before I ever got in. Yay, redundancy. We’re a fair way back on the floor, but we’re going. Whoop!


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  1. _Don

    Only 22 rows back. I’ll take it!

  2. Do you think my rays of jealousy will reach from Texas to Canada? 😉

  3. Rick

    Sethra, they’ll be down that way in the latter part of April…

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