Belkin fooled me once

20080305_belkinI wrote a product review for Future Shop’s online store. They didn’t seem to care for it so it wasn’t posted on their site:

This product is unbelievable…not in a good way. The packaging says “Clear Protective Overlays” but you get one overlay. One thin sticky piece of plastic film for $13. Yes you get a wet-nap to clean the screen, but $13 for one screen protector when the package says you get more than one?

And you know what else? The film doesn’t cover the entire front glass surface, but rather just the area in which the image is displayed. Even further, it’s slightly too small to cover the entire image area.

Future shop generally gives good value, but how this one got through, I don’t know.

I received this as a gift from my brother-in-law. He was very kind to think of me, so the way it turned out upsets me even more. What bothers me the most is I didn’t have a receipt enabling me to get the money back. I don’t particularly want it, but I want the store and the manufacturer to have it even less.

I noted the product listing on the Future Shop site now says “Overlay” rather than “Overlays.” Also, I was unable to locate the product on Belkin’s site. Their pride in the product is showing with the false product labeling and its overwhelming crappiness. Way to go Belkin!

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