News headlines can be amusing

There’s talk about a CFL football team coming back to Ottawa, but with our stadium about to be partially demolished, somewhere to play is a requirement of the deal going through. The current Lansdown Park location is ideal because it’s so centrally located, but being near downtown, parking is always an issue.

To my great amusement, Ottawa Mayor Larry ‘Moneybags’ O’Brien said,

People can’t be forced to walk five, six blocks to park their cars.

Yea, a five block trek would certainly kill people. They might as well be competing in the Iditarod without a dog team. He suggests underground parking or a parking garage, which just goes to show money is never a problem when the money is someone else’s.

Former Ottawa Renegades CEO John Lisowski, on the other hand, suggests parking shouldn’t be part of deal. People can take mass-transit or walk from where they parked, just as they always have.

The amusing headline, based on Lisowski’s comment, is,

Ditch parking in Ottawa stadium revamp plans, former team head suggests

Ditch parking? I imagine many people would end up getting stuck. Parking in a ditch would be risky, especially in the spring.

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