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Well look at that! Just a few weeks after my griping about all of the ‘crapware’ on new PCs, Sony comes along and offers buyers the option of getting their new PCs in a pristine state. You know, the way all new PCs should be.

There are two problems, however. Sony had decided to offer this ‘fresh start’ only on selected systems. As you might guess, the systems they selected are higher-end or business-oriented models. The other problem is they were going to charge interested buyers $49.99.

When the tech sites erupted in outrage, Sony not only backed down and is offering the ‘fresh start’ for free, but they claim it was all a big misunderstanding. According to Ed Bott:

This morning, I had a previously scheduled interview with Sony’s Mike Abary, Senior Vice President of the VAIO division. In what must be the fastest turnaround in corporate history, Abary told me that the $49.99 charge is dead. “We didn’t intend that to happen,” he said, blaming the snafu on an internal miscommunication. “We’re removing the $49 charge,” he told me.

Yea whatever, Mike. You seriously expect us to believe such an error can occur with an aspect of a product as visible as pricing? Curious how there’s never a mistake which results in a lower price.

Again Sony starts with something good and manages to screw it up.


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  1. Shawn

    It really does make you wonder how many idiots one company can employ.

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