CRW_4718.CRW: Digital Rebel, EF 70–200mm 1:4L @ 98mm, 15s, f/8, 100 ISO

CRW_4718.CRW: Digital Rebel, EF 70 – 200mm 1:4L @ 98mm, 15s, f/8, 100 ISO

In 2006, the Library of Parliament was again visible to the public after being wrapped in scaffolding and plastic for four years of renovations. Des visited during that summer and we took many photos together, with the Library but one of our many subjects. The image above is one of my favourites.

The windows and roof in the photo cap the circular opening in the centre of the library dome. I’ve seen it referred to as ‘the lantern.’ The image in a July 19, 2006 post shows the entire library, giving you a better idea of where this part fits with the rest of the structure.