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Don’t you just hate it when you’ve got all your information ready, and then discover the hard way that your information is incorrect? Or even worse, that you’ve screwed it up because of a stupid mistake?

This is what I did. I criticized the Ottawa Citizen site search and the search string I claim failed was spelt incorrectly (thanks for the look-out, FG). I said “micheal geist” returned no results when I should have been searching for “michael geist” instead. My mistake. On the other hand, my mistake is tempered by the fact that I first searched for “geist” with no hits.

I went back to the Ottawa Citizen site earlier today and entered the correct search string. It found ten hits. I clicked “find” again to repeat the same search. This time, there were no results despite my not having changed the search string. Executing the search repeatedly every few seconds gave the proper result only about half the time. Trying it now, results come up about 75% of the time. Weird.

It shouldn’t be a load issue as I was getting no results last night. Surely Sunday evening isn’t known for server-crushing traffic volume.


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  1. Shawn

    Newspapers still believe that printing yesterday’s news and then trucking tonnes of paper around town is still a relevant form of media and that the web is years off and not readily used yet. So really Rick, what do you expect? On can only hope that these paper hungry dinosaurs will soon be gone and rich media on the web will flourish even more!

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