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American Idol

My parents really enjoy watching American Idol. It’s my distinct misfortune to be visiting while the program’s season is wrapping up. One hour last night and two hours tonight.

A few thoughts:

  • They’re down to the two last contestants and want us to believe it takes three hours to decide who the winner will be. Of course it doesn’t. Much of the time is filled with barely disguised commercials. For example, Mike Myers appeared as the love guru, from his upcoming movie. Do these ‘interludes’ have anything to do with the program or add anything of value? Of course not.
  • Among the musical guests were Bryan Adams, George Michael, and ZZ Top. Not only was I surprised that the show managed to sign them up for a guest appearance, but I hadn’t realized their careers were in such decline.
  • The best parts were Gladys Knight with Robert Downy Jr., Jack Black, and Ben Stiller as her Pips. The short video montage of some of the worst contestants was also good.
  • In a finale promo, Simon Cowell claims, “This is the biggest night of their lives.” Unfortunately, he’s very likely right. Chances are the winner will enjoy some brief notoriety and then fade into obscurity. I feel bad for the contestants because they certainly expect more than just a flash in the pan. Granted they have a chance at something more, but it’s a small chance. They all can’t be Carrie Underwood.

I may see an episode or two of American Idol each year, and those are enough to remind me why I don’t watch the program, or others like it.


What do you imagine?


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  1. Rachel

    My mother watches it as well. But unlike you I live with her so I get to hear about it weekly. I have seen way too much of that show and my grandmother’s game shows to last me a lifetime.

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