I saw a Chrysler commercial this evening in which a mother with her two kids walks up to two employees within a Chrysler factory. The minivan assembly line is clearly visible behind her. She says to them, “I have an eight-hour drive to make with my two children.” The two employees look at each other and one offers her two DVD players, presumably as part of the minivan she wants to purchase, so each child can watch what they want.

Sure enough, the Chrysler Town & Country and both varieties of the Dodge Grand Caravan SXT offer the option of second and third row DVD players. What about another for the passenger?

So not only are children able to receive stimulation during their every waking moment, but now they don’t even have to interact with each other to come to an agreement about what DVD to watch. What progress!

Why not just gas them so they’re unconscious for any trip longer than ten minutes?