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Depression or addiction?

According to the IMDb movie and TV news, Kirsten Dunst is upset at the media because they’re reporting she went into rehab for substance abuse. She says,

I didn’t go to Cirque Lodge for alcohol abuse or drug abuse. I went there for depression.

She went to rehab for depression. Rehab?

Curious, I tracked down the Cirque Lodge web site. They describe themselves this way:

Cirque Lodge is an accredited addiction treatment center located in Sundance Utah. We are one of the nation’s most exclusive drug treatment centers providing services for alcohol and drug rehab. We were named by Town and Country magazine as one of the top drug and substance abuse treatment facilities. Individuals or families needing immediate addiction treatment, drug rehab or alcohol rehab should call us at 1 – 877-997‑3422. We are known for providing effective drug and alcohol treatment for individuals and families suffering from the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction.

The heading on the homepage is “Drug Rehab, Addiction and Alcohol Treatment” and the sub-headings are:

  • Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facilities
  • The Lodge Alcohol Rehab and Drug Treatment Centre
  • Alcohol and Drug Treatment at the Studio
  • Detox Services and Treatment Programs
  • Cirque Lodge Provides the Ultimate in Privacy for Alcohol Rehabilitation and Drug Treatment
  • Family Week at Cirque Lodge
  • JCAHO Accredited For Addiction Treatment

While we can’t know the reasons she went into rehab for certain, I know which way I’d bet.




Foot in mouth disease

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  1. A LOT of stars and big time musicians are going to rehab centers under assumed names and actually showing up very late at night to avoid photographers.
    Take Scott for example, although he televised it, he made sure to show up late.
    It’s important to remember that although these people are lifted up in our eyes due to their celebrity they are still human and subseptable to addiction as well.

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