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Good Morning!

I can’t speak for your morning, but mine got off to a good start, as you can see by the receipt on the right!

What did I buy with the windfall? Nothing that I wasn’t going to buy anyway. My purchase was a bottle of orange juice. Exotic and exciting, eh?

I started feeling the signs of a cold yesterday afternoon. You know that foggy feeling you get in your head? That. Thinking that there still might have been time to fight it off before it set in, I went to bed last night at 9:30 p.m. and slept for ten hours. And wouldn’t you know it? I still felt like trash when I woke up.

I certainly wasn’t much good at work today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’d like tomorrow to bring me fortune in the form of the $25 million 649 prize, but I’m not betting the farm on it. This way it’ll be a lovely surprise. See? I’ve got it all planned…


C‑61 primer


Best weasel impression!

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  1. Rachel

    That is great! Wish I could win something. You have to have the money to play the lotto in the first place to win though. :-/

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