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Microsoft blows. They used to go out of their way to make their browsers non-standard in an attempt to get everyone to use them. People haven’t bought into that crap so they’re moving away from doing this. Thank goodness.

Now the problem is that millions of people are using Internet Explorer 6 and it will sometimes not render a standards-compliant page correctly. No other browser will have any problem, including newer versions of Internet Explorer. So just upgrade? Not so simple. I know a lot of you, the readers of my noodling, work for the government and I wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t upgrade even if you wanted to. Even worse is that many still use Windows 2000, and Microsoft will not allow you to install Internet Explorer 7 on Windows 2000. Why? Because they want you to buy a newer version of Windows, that’s why. In the meantime, they’re sticking you with a six-year-old browser. Lovely.

Two of you told me that this site was not being displayed correctly so before you, you see what action I’ve taken. A new theme that’s far simpler than the old one. Welcome to DePo Skinny. As far as I can tell, it works in all browsers without any problems. If you have any comments or suggestions, you know where to reach me.


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  1. Bradley

    I have noticed the problem in IE 6 before (only twice). I always intended to debug it … there’s usually an IE 6 workaround!

  2. I appreciate the thought Brad. That’s very kind of you. It was however, a good excuse to go searching for new themes. I’ve been thinking about a change for some time, but kept coming back to the “if it ain’t broke…” line of thought. 🙂

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