One unique thing about dating people with children is you get far more of an insight into the little ones than by just knowing people with them.

When I was with Marylou, her son William once asked me to do something with him. I don’t recall exactly what it was. Perhaps a game, or some other similar thing. I replied that I couldn’t, but we’d do it the next time I came over. He was seven years old at the time so imagine my surprise when I returned and I was barely through the door when he started reminding me about my promise!

I did not say we’d do it next time to put him off, hoping he’d forget. I wouldn’t do that. Still, I learned very quickly to never make promises unless I am fully able to keep them. Not ever. They remember, and promises are a big deal to children.

One shouldn’t make promises to adults that one can’t keep either, but children shouldn’t have to wonder if they should believe what they’re promised.

I also get extremely annoyed and angry at people who don’t tell children the truth. I read a news story once about what zoo employees hear visitors telling children about the animals. Children are sponges and full of questions. Instead of being honest and saying they don’t know, but they could find out later, together, these ‘parents’ just make things up. Some of the stories were ridiculous.

Just as children need good food, they need accurate information to form their own picture of the world around them.