I was off work on June 19 and 20. The cause seemed like a cold but I had a low-grade for at least one day so there seemed to be more to it. Against my better judgement I went back to work on the Monday and gradually got better by sleeping more than is my habit.

I’m pretty much back to normal now except for two things. Some days I feel like I’m getting sick again. This only happens when I wake up and the feeling goes away within an hour. A relapse is the last thing I need.

Worse is the cough. I haven’t managed to shake the damned cough brought on by my illness. I do not cough if I don’t talk, but this is not an acceptable long-term plan! Sick and tired of it, I went to see my doctor on Thursday. To my great surprise, she said I had no ear or throat infection. My balance is a bit off and it’s happened more than once that a cold has lingered because of an ear infection. Not this time however. The stethoscope also reported that my lungs are clear. This also surprised me because my breathing is slightly laboured.

My doctor prescribed me a steroid inhaler. I can’t recall exactly what the problem is but she told me it was good that I came in. This kind of thing can go on and on. “For weeks?” I asked. “For months,” she replied. Jesus, just what I need! She said that I’d notice a reduction in the cough within 48 hours.

The problem is it’s been about 84 hours since I first dosed myself and I have noticed no difference. It may even be slightly worse, but I’m not sure if a lack of change seems worse simply because I was expecting an improvement.

She told me to keep using the inhaler for about a month, but if there’s no change in the next few days, I’ll have to call her office and ask if there’s anything else I should be doing. I wonder if the inhaler is even working because there’s no taste or scent when I use it.

Fricking illness!