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I do not undertand why boxer-briefs are still around. In my mind, they must have been designed by someone who had never taken the time to try them. Unfortunately for me, I have tried them. They seemed to have potential, like that they might have the best attributes of both types, melded into a superior hybrid.

Trust me when I say they have the worst attributes of both. If there is a single piece of male attire that embodies the phrase “ride up,” these are them. Mine were quickly relegated to the ’emergency use’ role, meaning that I’m in the midst of a laundry emergency and there’s absolutely nothing else left to wear. This also serves as a very effective reminder to do the laundry more regularly.

Consider them only if your significant other likes them enough that they’ll do especially dirty things with you if you wear them. Even then, do not leave the house for the day while wearing them. You’ll regret it.


Seventeen minutes of asymmetry


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  1. Rachel

    LOL! That is funny because most of the men I know love boxer briefs. That is what my ex wore.

  2. sethra

    My son LOVES boxer-briefs. He’s tried briefs and regular boxers, but prefers the hybrid. He says that boxers let him fly a little too freely. At the same time, no one in the boy’s locker room would let him live it down if he came in wearing tightie-whities (briefs). 🙂 The hubby, however, won’t wear anything but briefs, and my father will only wear short-legged boxers. It’s definitely a very personal preference. 🙂

  3. Bradley

    Interesting … I’ve been a boxer brief guy since somewhere around 1996!!! Perhaps it’s the brand / style you chose? Believe it or not, I don’t have riding up issues 😛

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