Sometimes, the most amazing things fall into your lap with nary a warning.

Monday I went to visit Kelly and Gord. I lived with them for four years in the 90s and although we don’t talk frequently, I consider them good friends. I happened to bump into Kelly on Facebook Sunday and said that I hadn’t seen them both since the Rush concert last fall, and I haven’t seen their kids in much longer, so we ought to meet up. She said to come over the next day for a barbecue. Barbecue? You don’t have to ask twice!

It was nice seeing them all, as it always is. That wasn’t the thing falling into my lap, however.

See, Gord’s got a pilot’s licence. He took me for a flight a few years ago, which I completely loved. I was a complete flight simulator maniac back then too, so it was especially cool. Here he is with the aircraft he rented that day:

Dsc04810.jpg: Sony DSC-F707, 10.4mm, 1/320, f/4.0, 100 ISO

Dsc04810.jpg: Sony DSC-F707, 10.4mm, 1/320, f/4.0, 100 ISO

While I visited this week, he asked me if I’d be interested in flying across the country. I wasn’t sure what he meant, but I realized this was an interesting twist on the cross-country road-trip theme. Why drive when you can fly? What a cool idea.

Gord has no details on what would be involved as far as aircraft rental and other costs, but I told him that if the timing were good, I’d definitely be interested. Are you kidding me? I’ve never done the cross-country road-trip and this would be far more interesting. The only drawback would be caused by the same thing that appeals to me so much. The trip is in a small plane. The problem is with weather. You don’t fly when the weather is bad. Why risk it? As a consequence, there’s no way to really tell how long it would take. It could take weeks. But on my goodness, wouldn’t it be fun?!

I couldn’t go this year, and likely not next year, but as Gord suggested, this is a once in a lifetime thing so although he doesn’t want to put it off forever, a 2010 trip would be fine with him if everything else worked out. I thought to myself, “2010? No, not that far away. I want to go the year after next.” Of course that is 2010. Where does the time go?

I don’t really know any more about it than that, but for goodness sakes, I am interested! If everything were to work out, I’d be there in a heartbeat!

<fingers crossed>