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On my typical route to work, a bridge is being repaired. Northbound on Bronson, just after it’s no longer the Airport Parkway, the bridge over the canal is three lanes wide. The right lane normally goes over the bridge and ends immediately on the other side in a right turn, off of Bronson. The construction now has this lane end before the bridge.

So there I was yesterday in the centre lane, approaching the bridge. The traffic was slow. As I moved forward, I noticed a black Honda Accord to my right, inching into my lane. This guy was far behind me but came up in the largely empty right lane. His signal wasn’t on. I continued to move forward, and he continued to move forward and toward me. I moved up and saw his signal light appear from from behind my A‑pillar. Now he was signalling…only after his left tires were in my lane.

Imagine where a car beside you would have to be to have its signal covered by your A‑pillar. The rear third of his car was beside the front third of mine. He was not asking me to slow and let him merge. Rather, he bypassed a bunch of cars by using a lane he knew would end and wanted me to stop dead to let him in. The bonus is that he started the whole manoeuvre without signalling. I don’t think so, pal.

I continued to proceed forward. He must’ve stopped moving left at some point because he did not hit me. As he pulled in behind me, he sounded his horn and offered up his middle finger. Dude, seriously? The left-most lane was largely clear so he pulled into that lane, accelerated hard, then slowed beside me to match my velocity. I looked over. Dude was pissed. I started laughing. I didn’t just smile, I laughed. He accelerated again and was gone.

I really hate when people don’t signal. Letting the people around you know your intentions is a basic courtesy. Don’t expect courtesy from me in return if you can’t manage it.

Seriously, is this still high school? Did I not show the appropriate fear when impatient 50-year-old guy in his Honda Accord glared at me? Man alive. I think I showed the precisely appropriate amount of fear.


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  1. Shawn

    Good on ya. We should all stand up to idiots like that and tell them in no uncertain terms that their poor behaviour is NOT tolerated. I would have done the very same thing.

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