IMG_7487.CR2: 30D, EF 17-40mm 1:4L @ 35mm, 1/250, f/4, 100 ISOAs you’ve likely noticed from the two images I posted this weekend, I went rock climbing again. I enjoyed the first time, but I wasn’t sure how much I enjoyed it so I definitely wanted to go again before the end of the season.

I often go to lunch with Brent, and we enjoy a delicious Quiznos lunch. Brad started coming with us a while back as well. When I asked Brad about climbing and he volunteered to take me, we naturally thought of asking Brent too. Brent couldn’t go because he was camping that weekend…and he also added that he isn’t exactly comfortable with heights. Brad and I were quite surprised considering that Brent is a crazy-man on a mountain bike. The stories he has, I tell you!

Recently, Brent told me that he read my write-up of my first climb and he wanted to tag along when we went again, though he explicitly stated that he wasn’t promising to climb. His wanting to go was enough to kick Brad and I into gear so we went last weekend. The weather was lovely and off we went at 8:30 AM.

Let me just put it simply by saying Brent is like spider man. I’m far from even proficient, but he looks like a natural compared to me. As he went up, I turned to Brad, who was belaying, and said, “Brad, what the hell is going on here?”

The photo of Brad (above) was taken by Brent, and I took the photo of Brent (below).

IMG_7455.CR2: 30D, EF 17-40mm 1:4L @ 29mm, 1/320, f/4, 100 ISOWhat I found particularly interesting was Brent’s reaction to the top of the climb, when we went up to set the rope. I’m always uneasy there, standing next to a 15 metre drop. He appeared to have no issue with it. Even when Brad leans over the edge to set the rope, I involuntarily lean away from the edge. Further, Brent rappelled down after each of the two climbs he made! I still won’t do that. Going up is fine for me…coming down, not so much. I know I’m going to have to give it a try though.

Brad told me I was quite a bit quicker making my way up the rock this time. I also went up twice. Sure that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but remember I just started with the exercising less than two months ago. I was knackered for the rest of the day, which unfortunately affected the activities I had planned for the evening. I’ll be more careful about that next time.

As we walked back to the truck, I thought that while I really enjoy rock climbing, I won’t really advance to more difficult climbs. I like it, but not that much. I’m not sure I’m cut out for more advanced climbs. Looking back, I still think I’m not ever going to be a great climber, but there are some longer climbs in the same area I’d like to try in the future. Rock climbing itself pushed my personal limits…so perhaps I ought to push them further with more difficult climbs.