On Friday evening, I received an urgent call and had to leave my place quickly. I recall wearing a brown belt with my jeans, and brown shoes. Saturday, I went to brunch with Jessica and I decided on black shoes without considering that I still wore a brown belt. I wore an over garment that covered my belt so not only could no one see my mismatch, but I didn’t notice it myself.

Today I’m wearing my jeans again with the brown belt. I’m also wearing black shoes. I’m wearing a sweater so my belt is not on display but after two separate days during which I’ve made this mistake, I’ve finally noticed. That’s not what surprises me the most however. More surprising are these three things:

  • I noticed at all.
  • I can remember what I wore three days ago.
  • I care about the mismatch.

A year ago, none of these three things would’ve been the case. Look at me, growing up!