‘Free’ Wi-Fi

I was at the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport on Monday. Preferring to be early rather than late, I had a bit of time to kill. Since I had my iPod, I thought I’d check for open Wi-Fi signals. I didn’t expect to find any, but there was one. It wasn’t really open however. The e-mail client couldn’t connect. When I opened a browser, I was asked to log in or pay for time.

But wait! There was an option for a free ad-sponsored trial. Oh great, I thought, half the screen will be covered with flashing ads. No thanks. But it wasn’t that way at all. Watch a 15 second ad and get 15 minutes of free trial Wi-Fi access. You can do this four times (or was it two?) in any 24 period. That’s pretty cool!

It’s great that they managed to figure out a way to offer a trial to potential customers without making the experience completely annoying.

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