Via Ace, we are alerted to the feminst Erica Jong, who has declared that if Mr HopeyChangey does not prevail on Tuesday…

If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me.

Seriously? You expect open, pitched battles between bitterly clinging, heavily armed rednecks and … smelly hippies? Who can’t even build a pipe bomb without fragging three of their comrades?

“Bring It, Bitches!”

I’m no great politico, even as an observer, but I still can’t help but occasionally quote others who are, or at least who aspire to be. Why? Well it’s true that they can sometimes express my thoughts more eloquently than I, but often it’s simply because they’re so damned funny when they do it…as is the case here.

Yea, I know the left is going to be some kind of pissed if Obama doesn’t win. First Gore, and now this? But will they take up arms against everyone with McCain lawn signs and bumper stickers? Jong goes further and says that Bush is recalling soldiers from Iraq so Dick Cheney can lead them against the uprising of American citizens.

This just goes to show that the right hasn’t cornered the market on dingbats who enjoy the sound of their own voices.