From PostSecret this week:

The person who wrote this card is incredibly fortunate. It took me many many years to discover that a relationship could be the way she describes. Oh sure, more pedestrian relationships are perfectly nice. The two people involved may get along very well and there’s nothing to complain about. But there can be so much more with the right person. I’ve seen glimpses of it… enough to know that I haven’t really experienced it in any relationships I’ve had in the past. I’m firmly convinced most people think they know, but they have no idea.

I’m a big proponent of the “know theyself” aphorism, and like to think I do have an insight into myself and what makes me tick. Still, the right partner can astonish me by teaching me things about myself that I never would have learned on my own. And often times, it’s so obvious to them! They see you.

What greater gift can someone give you than a better understanding of yourself?

Someday soon I’m going to find the ‘right’ woman and build a relationship like the one described on the card. I know my partner is out there. Maybe she’s looking for me too, I don’t know. What I am certain of is that I will win her.

Card image courtesy of PostSecret.