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Insurance bastards

I’ve been with the same insurance company since I left home nearly twenty years ago. When the rates go up I start thinking that I ought to look around to see if I can get a better deal. With the advent of the Internet, this is easier than ever with on-line quotes. Take five minutes to enter some info about yourself, and out pops a quote. Easy peasy.

I changed banks last week and poking around on my new bank’s website, I see they offer insurance. What really caught my eye was the claim that, on average, people save $300 with them over their current car insurance. Now surely that’s worthy of notice.

I currently pay roughly $100/month for my car insurance and $20/month for my tenant’s insurance. Why wouldn’t I want to reduce these payments? A savings of $300 would result in $25 extra dollars staying in my pocket every month. So I gave them all the info they need, and it spat out the numbers: $120 and $22.

For the five minutes of time I spent, they’re willing to give me the pleasure of spending an extra $240 a year? No, I don’t think so! I never thought my insurance was such a great deal, but I’m beginning to wonder!


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  1. sethra

    All the insurance commercials say the same thing: people who switched to us saved an average of $xxx.

    Think of the logic of this statement. People who switched to, say, Geico, saved an average of x dollars because if Geico wasn’t going to save them money they wouldn’t have switched in the first place. You don’t change insurance companies (typically) if the new policy will cost you more.

    So, it’s a safe advertising trick to say that people who switched saved. Otherwise they would never have switched.

  2. Shawn

    I too looked a few years ago and when you factor in the discounts for multiple policies and that one might be cheaper on the home insurance, in the end the difference is minimal. i ended up not switching and this year loyalty paid off. We saveed over 600 om my son’s house insurance.

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