I wrote an e‑mail message to the Rogers’ customer service department earlier today.

I signed up for the epost service, and to try it, I configured it to have my Rogers cable bill delivered that way. I know I can do it directly through the Rogers site, but I’d like to move all the bills I can to epost, and they’ll all go to one place. If I have to sign up with and check every single company’s site separately, I’d rather continue to get paper bills sent to me, thanks.

My Rogers billing period begins on the 6th of the month, and I receive the bill via Canada Post between two and three weeks later. This month, I’ve received nothing so far. I figure that either something went wrong on their end (as my epost configuration shows that my Rogers bill is indeed configured and active), or I manage to request it after the epost bill would be delivered but before my paper bill would be sent. Since the epost bill replaces the paper bill, it looks like I’ve slipped through the cracks for this month. Not an auspicious beginning.

So I wrote Rogers explaining what happened. Not my suspicions, but rather just the facts. I also added that if my payment due date has passed, I do not expect to see a late penalty because I received no bill.

To my amusement, the automatic reply I receieved to inform me that the customer service department received the message states:

If your request requires a response, you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

You’ll note it doesn’t say 24 business hours, nor 24 hours on a business day. Yes, I sent the message around lunch on Sunday, and given what they’ve said, I should expect a reply by lunchtime on Monday. I doubt that will happen, however.